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The Role of Culture in Tobacco Policymaking

Policy can drive widespread behaviour change, but when aligned with culture, the impact can be even greater.

On its own, culture can shift perceptions and drive impact. So what happens when you align policies with culture?

Our case study paper, explores this, diving into the success of the reduction of tobacco consumption in the UK using this combined socio-cultural policymaking strategy.

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May 24

The story behind every bite: shaping food culture through narrative

In March 2024, we hosted our very first Creative Circle event bringing together creative minds to learn from and collaborate with industry experts. Read about how we can craft new and innovative narratives to solve the challenges to healthy and sustainable diets.

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April 19

What are institutions in the Food Culture Alliance’s strategic framework?

Institutions are important because they help situate us in the world. Learn how the Food Culture Alliance wants to work through institutions to shape society’s preferences towards nutritious and sustainable foods. 

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February 27

Opinion: Food culture holds key to a nutritious, sustainable future

Lawrence Haddad, Gunhild Stordalen, and Dan LeClair advocate in DevEx for the role of food culture in promoting healthier and more sustainable consumption choices.

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February 19

Food is on the menu at COP28. Culture needs to be too.

As COP28 takes place in Dubai, we’re excited to see an increased focus on the role food systems play in tackling the climate crisis. The Food Culture Alliance aims to secure culture a seat at the table.

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December 04

The Recipe for a Nutritious, Sustainable Future

To celebrate the public launch of the Food Culture Alliance, Eva Monterrosa shares the journey the Alliance has been on and how we plan to achieve our ambitious vision.

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November 09

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