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What is food culture?

…and why is it important?

Our food system is driving demand for unhealthy and unsustainable foods.

Our global food system has helped shape societal preferences in favour of consuming unhealthy and unsustainable foods, resulting in widespread consumer demand for them. 

This means that on our current path, achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development goals is a distant dream. To reverse that, we need radical, accelerated transformation in our consumption habits – and impactful, scalable solutions to accelerate change across the whole of society.

Our food consumption
fuels big problems –
and they require big

What do food
culture strategies
look like?

Food culture provides us with a toolbox of strategies to accelerate our food system transformation. We can use food culture strategies to influence society and shape preferences. Below we’ve provided a taste of what they look like.

Find out more
about food

At the Food Culture Alliance, we’ve developed a framework to show the food culture strategies available. We call them our levers of change.

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